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   Hay Day is a raising sims video game on mobile phones, developed and released by Supercell for iOS and Android phones in 2012. Similar with traditional raising sims video game the game themed with farm management and aimed at farming crops and livestock to earn coins money to develop the farm. Gamers earn more coins and level up to unlock more crops animals, and lands. Research to get more profitable crops, use Hay Day Diamonds to boost the growing process. You can also build many kinds of Farm Buildings like Barn, Boat, Train Station and Farmhouse to support your farm’s development. There’s a pond for you to raising fishes, some high added value products need to be produced by several kinds of ingredients. If you want to Get more Hay Day Diamonds ,Coins with Cheap price. In smelter, you can make Gold Bars and Platinum Bars, which are the materials of jewelry. You can Buy it on, which is a safe store for gamers on iOS and Android to play the game easier. Although you can play the game for free, to spend a little money to boost your game process is a wise choice either. You can't grow hamburger on land, you need to make it by Bacon and Bread, but the sold price of it will be much more higher than the basic crops.

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