Summoners War: Chronicles

Summoners War: Chronicles


1.Find your desired combination from our selective page
2. If you use discord , add my discord ID Aimee#4962 or contact me via livechat
3.give me the combo code ,I will give you the best offer

Account information :

1. Account status- Unlinked

2. Shipping method- Link game data to buyer's fresh HIVE or Google

3. Story progression- Tutorial cleared

4. Payment history- None

5. OS- Android & IOS cross platform game

How to search accounts and buy ?

1. Go to the selective page and check account catalogs

2. Choose server and characters then click search button (If you see a blank page, we don't have your desired combos)

3. Copy the Product ID on the list and contact us

4. Leave the Game name & Product ID on support ticket

5. We will check price first then give you shipping methods